Stump Grinding & Removing

Stumps left after a tree removal can be unsightly and undesirable. We offer several options to handle them from low or no cost (cutting) to more expensive (complete removal by grinding or machine extraction).

A “flush cut” is standard and requires no additional cost after a tree removal. It consists of a final cut just above the dirt line around the stump. This can be drilled out and covered with dirt for planting either grass or flowers. Making an elevated flower plot where the tree was is the most aesthetic, low-cost solution. A planter cut is another no-cost solution; it consists of a level cut at the desired height to create a planter.

On larger stumps, where machine extraction is not feasible, a stump grinder is called for to restore level lawn to the area. This is a machine that (as its name implies) grinds the stump and exposed root structure to below level with the ground. Once the stump has been ground, the lawn can be restored to the area. It’s like the tree was never there.

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