Tree Planting

Planting a tree is like choosing a puppy. They’re all cute when they’re little. But you have to consider what they will be like when mature. Do they shed? All deciduous trees, by definition, will shed their leaves annually. Thinking otherwise is like believing the pet store salesman when he says “this breed does not shed”, Choosing the right tree will not avoid raking leaves every Fall, but can reduce the amount of maintenance they require.

We will help you not only make this important decision, but ensure proper and appropriate selection and placement. A tree has a much longer lifespan than a dog – and often, even people! In that sense, planting a tree can be one of the longest-lasting choices a person can make. Making an uninformed or hasty choice can lead to problems down the road. On the other hand, though, putting in the necessary planning and taking proper care to plant a tree can result in a great tree that will last for generations.

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