Tree Risk Assessment

Trees are often beautiful, impressive parts of a property or yard. That is, unless the tree is unhealthy or too close to your house — then, it can present a huge danger to you and your property.

To prevent this danger, action often needs to be taken. My many years of experience allow me to make accurrate assessments and recommend the most effective solutions to your tree problems. This can range from trimming and pruning to cable support systems and, in severe cases, complete tree removal.

The well-being of your family and integrity of your property is not to be taken lightly. If you suspect a tree presents a danger, don’t just wait for the worst — get it checked out before it causes thousands of dollars in damage. Call me today for a free assessment. If you’re anywhere in the Greater Pittsburgh area, I’ll travel right to your property and assess the situation free of charge.  That way, you can use my professional opinion to decide whether or not further action is necessary.

I look forward to hearing from you and assessing your tree situation

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